Doctor Morris Trubshaw is fifty this coming Friday. His wife, Doreen wants to mark the event with some sort of celebration. The good Doctor sees no reason to do so. After all, in his opinion, fifty is well over the hill and down the other side.

The year is 1964 and the place is the quiet village of Nether Claybourne where the Trubshaws run the local G.P. practice. Morris came to the village soon after the 2nd world war to take over the practice from local girl Doreenís father. And well, one thing led to another.

With a now established National Health system and a general feeling of prosperity in the country, Morris is content with his lot. He sees no advantage in change. However change is on itís way to Nether Claybourne.

Firstly there is the arrival of the new vicar the Reverend Martin Braithwaite. He is a switched on, modern thinking cleric who embraces the burgeoning youth culture of the sixties. And then there is the mysterious but charming Micky Greenaway who has taken out a short term lease on the empty Claybourne Hall. To the horror of some in the village, Micky is the manager of up and coming pop group The Bad Pennies. He has leased the Hall as a luxury hideaway for them and they are due to arrive on Friday.

The self appointed guardian of traditional values in the village, Mrs Allenby-Croft, is determined to prevent Claybourne Hall from becoming a den of iniquity and local hypochondriac and mother of six, Nelly Drake, fears that her eldest son, who is already the village tearaway may be led further astray by the new arrivals.

Day-Star theatre weave a comic and thought provoking tale of one small rural community at a time of emerging social change just fifty years after the outbreak of the first world war and nearly twenty after the second.

.......As there are several roles to play, the scripts (as well as the actors) must exhibit considerable style and ingenuity.........

.......The plot is amusing, clever, ingenious. The acting, as ever, is deft. Day Star is one of the quirkiest, most watchable touring companies around.

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